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The beginning of climbing in Paklenica dates back to the distant year of 1938, and the first attempt to climb Anica Kuk unfortunately ended tragically by Dragutin Brahma named Raca. Marijan Dragman and Slavo Brezovečki climbed that route in 1940 and named it after Brahm.

Paklenica National Park is the most important Croatian climbing center, known alsoabroad. The special charm of climbing gives the proximity to the coast, making Paklenica Riviera an ideal place for visitors and tourists who would like to try water sports and free climbing There are around 400 marked routes of varying difficulty and length (grades 3 to 8b + ), so every climber can find something for himself.
The largest number of short sport routes located in the narrowest part of the canyon are suitable for climbers with small children, and climbing in the winter is particularly interesting and suitable in Crljenica sector.
The most famous climbing wall in Paklenica is Anica Kuk, which contains the 350 m long routes of different character, from non-equipped, through technical to modern long sport routes.
There are numerous long routes in the rocks Debeli kuk, Veliki Ćuk, Kuk od Skradeline and Kukovi ispod Vlake that are attractive to climbers.
Directions in Paklenica differ from the equipment, so the old routes are equipped with wedges and newer with spits.
The main climbing season in Paklenica begins in spring and lasts until late autumn, but the largest number of climbers gather around May the 1 when a traditional International climbers meeting ' Big Wall Speed Climbing ' with a series of events and competitions, happens.

Our son Mark is the author of a completely new sector Tarajlijeant the routs there are: Kužiš jebiga 6c (6a+,6c)50 m, Ajme meni 7b (6a+,7b), Kurvina pasja srića 7b+ (6b+,7b+) 48 m, 100 posto Deda 7c+ (6b+,7c+) 34m, Petra & Pavla 7c (7a+/b,7c)55 m, Copacabana (8a+) 55 m, Balavi (6c+) 35 m, Pro ?(7a+) 35 m, Satch boogie (7a+) 30 m i Pipl mast trast as 7c+ (6c+,7b+,7c+) 55 m.